Automatically turn web visitors into leads, then into customers.
Skip repetitive and manual sales-marketing tasks.
Keeping your sales conversion in-check automatically!
Automatically turn web visitors into leads, then into customers
Skip repetitive and manual sales-marketing tasks.
Keeping your sales conversion in-check! Automatically.

Get highly productive through automation and save tons of time!

Start growing with SaleSkip today. See what our users have to say..
Start growing with SaleSkip today. See what our users have to say..
“Not only I have a perfectly working website but sales are happening automatically for 24 hours a day, even while I’m sleeping!”

- Adam Afiq, Bisnes Owner D'suci

“Saleskip helps me to quickly manage my customers’ informations.

By using the ‘Order Form’ function in Saleskip, I don’t need to sign up for another platform as I already have my own payment site.

So, if any customer wants to make a purchase, I just need to share a link and they can easily and securely make payment online.

“Never had A Website before but now I can easily create one in less than a day!” 

- MK Hafiz, Online Entrepreneur

“Best of all… This platform is straightforward and easy to use. I’ve never build a website before, but it took me only a day to create a fully functional website using SaleSkip. It is so friendly. Super easy to use!

Thank you so much Saleskip!”

“Managed to create my website only within one night.”

- BroRuzi, FloraGlo Lutein

“I finished setting up my landing page only in one night.

Saleskip is so easy to use!

“It’s easy to create my landing page. Just need a few clicks & everything is done!”

- Muhammad Ikhwan, MIMS 17 Enterprise

“I’ve created over seven order forms in Saleskip complete with payment gateway.

Super easy. Just drag & drop. So fast!”

“All sales & marketing processes have been automated!”

- Puan Asma', Bisnes Forever Living Products

“I love SaleSkip!

Now it’s even easier to close a sales deal. Just key-in all information and my products can be promoted instantly!”

“I Succeed Creating A landing page with zero technical skills and it is super Quick!”

- Nana Zulkifli, Coco Curv

I was finishing to pack all customers’ order, and around the same time, my brother managed to create a complete landing page for me! He did that only under a few hours. Awesome!”

Hello SaleSkip.

Malaysia’s first platform that combines sales, marketing and customer management, all in one place!

You’ll be happy to see our newly improvised order form means you’ll lose less customers!

Generate Database

Our dual-steps checkout means you can still capture the database of interested buyers that leave your page midway through!

Social Media Login

Didn’t you know? Social media login allow faster decision-making and increase click conversion up to 60%. This will also bring more customers! Ka-ching!

Follow-up Automation

Now you can even send email follow-up automatically even when you are sleeping still!


Save tons of time by SaleSkip auto-generated receipt!

Conversion Rate Calculator

Get real time update of conversion rate of your order page and learn which converts more!

Abandon Cart

Customers didn’t complete payment step? Not to worry, our ‘abandon cart’ feature allows you to follow them up later! Automatically!


From pending orders, on-hold orders to successful orders, SaleSkip automatically tags them for you!

Get Analytical Summary

Our powerful Analytical allows you to study and compare your order page in the simplest way!

Customer Management

Centralizes all customers data and track every communications!

We all had been there. Including us! Marketing team and sales team working in silo, informations gap and etc. A CRM software combines all sales, marketing and customer service information into one central database.

Track communications

Track calls, emails and contact history exactly where you need to and have full visibility and control of your customer database

Track order & purchase history

Having access to all data in database means fewer silos within your organization – thus helping you achieve customer centricity.

Sales Pipelines

Kept on losing track of your sales team progress?

SaleSkip is a customer management software that really helps salespeople! Focused on helping you and your team track and close deals without spending hours filling out forms.

Gain a global view of your sales pipeline:

Have all the relevant data on your leads saved in one place and move them from one stage to the next on our visual pipeline.

Get an overview of what is happening and help your team:

Thanks to an activity feed, great summary and statistics reports, sales managers can follow their whole team’s activity and step in when needed.

Automatic Followup

Intelligent Follow-up Automation

Save time and money by sending trigger-based follow up emails. SaleSkip makes it easy to send trigger-based email follow-ups.

Trigger emails when recipients completed an order through your order page, or when the leave the page midways! SaleSkip can help you boost productivity and drive more engagement by allowing you to add automatic follow-ups.

How we can save you up to 50% time by skipping repetitive & manual sales-marketing tasks?

Create Order Page

Easily create an order page in minutes. Nope, you wouldn’t need a website to do that!

Intelligent Followup Automation

SaleSkip can help you send out personalized email follow-up even when you are sleeping!

Automatic leads-capturing system

Prospect leaving page midway through? Not a problem, we got their contact information so you can follow them up later!

Manage Team Sales

Create teams, assign leads to users, and set access permissions.

Visual Pipeline

Have all the relevant data on your leads saved in one place and move them from one stage to the next on our visual pipeline.

Personalized sales-step

Remember exactly where you are with each prospect and view a complete history of each lead to pick up where you left off

Cold call efficiently

Easily import contacts from excel or your marketing database into prospecting lists.

Interaction Timeline

The sales representative can view your company’s past and current interactions with your clients and customers

Cloud-based CRM

With an immediate access to the CRM data, the sales team can now spend less time searching for key sales leads or customer data,

Customer Activity Log

Real-time, actionable views of all your customers from purchase history, conversions to any special remarks!

Database Declutter

Customize multiple pipelines and create tags as categories for your customers.

Sales Reporting

Our powerful Analytical allows you to study and compare your order page in the simplest way!

Skip the boring part.

Get highly productive with less things to do!

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Our previous record send the roof off the building! Not bad for a ‘Unicorn’ baby…

Who we are...

Established in early 2019 with the goal of providing a one-stop marketing solution to every single business models. We challenges the old marketing strategy that only focus on a single platform.

Today, over 8000 customers around Malaysia has already rely on Saleskip to solve their marketing & communication challenges by routing promotional & after-sales service on their behalf. SalesKip witnessed this fast growth in less than a year of establishment.

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Unfortunately, we have not officially launch for the public yet. Only those with personal invitations can have the privilege to join the group of first adaptors! But fret not, you will be the first to get our SUPER-HUGE-MEGA DISCOUNT if you join our pre-launch list now!

How can I install this?

No, you would not need to install anything in order to use SaleSkip. Our cloud-based storage means you and your team can access all customer information in real-time, at anywhere and anytime!

How much do I have to pay for this?

The pricing plan will be made known during the launching. But we promise to give you a one-time best deal ever had you signed up for our pre-launch list! If you have not.

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SaleSkip Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Sell Products Online Fast!

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