Getting Started

Get started with SifuChat, the world’s most popular WhatsApp Blaster.

1. Registration

Copy-paste the link : Register New Account

2. Get Free Trial 3-Days

To get free trial account please choose “Start a Free Trial 3-Days” Button:
Link Pricing (Login Required)

3.  Enter your Debit/Credit Card

Please enter your Debit/Card to get free trial! No fees charge
Card Declined? Click Here to Activated the card
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Send a first message using SifuChat

Connect Your WhatsApp Number to SifuChat

1. Open the WhatsApp on your phone
2. Press Settings>WhatsApp WEB and then plus
3. Scan a code and wait a minute
4. Keep your phone turned on and connected to the internet
Link Scan QR-Code (Login Require)

Upload Contact List

1. Go to Dashboard > Broadcast
2. Press Quick Import new leads then “Download Sample CSV

3. Then choose file to upload
4. Enter your tag customer to broadcast should be same in CSV File
5. Click “Import and Proceed” Button.
Link Scan QR-Code (Login Required)

Write A Message

1. Enter your message to broadcast
2. Insert Image if available then click “Next Step”

Start Broadcast

1. Before start a broadcasts you may set the interval delay per message like

1 = 1 seconds per message,
2 = 2 seconds per message

2. Test broadcast to your own number before start bulk number, just enter your number
then click “Test Broadcast” 
3. After all already set up, Now we will broadcast to tag “Customer”. Please click “Confirm Broadcast” to continue.

4. You have one last step before start broadcast by clicking “Start Now”. To stop broadcast click “Force Stop”

Congratulations for your first Message !